Size guide

We know that buying online can be a hassle, especially when it comes to choosing your size!
We tried to make this process as easy as possible, so what we did is we sent 10,000 emails to our previous buyers asking them to fill out a survey!

We asked them for their size and weight, and what size shirt they purchased and how it fit.
We then compiled the data and created a few tables. And sorted them into this recommended size guide (The founder and staff of Iced Tea are actually engineers in real life).
We are still not 100% sure about this guide, and would LOVE to get your feedback on it if you used it. We recommend only using it if you are unsure!

How to use this guide:
1- Find your weight in the top bar (We have two versions, one for US measurements and a 2nd for rest of world measurements)
2- When you find your weight, match it to your height, which is on the left.
For example, lets say you are 180 Pounds and Foot and 9 Inches.
Look at the column that says '176-187' and then match it to the row that says '55"9 - 5"10.5'. The recommended size will be size L.
We also have the sizes of shirts and hoodies here to help you if you prefer it.
How to use these guides:
1- Lay down a T-shirt or hoodie you currently wear, or know fits you. It should be laid on a flat surface.

2- Measure the width (Chest) and Length and compare it to our charts below
(Remember, we are measuring the shirt, not your body!)