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Iced Tea reviews! Verified and directly from customers!
Based on 2214 reviews
Death (ROSE) - T-Shirt
Mary (Culpeper, US)
Soft comfy great fit but design wearing off

At first I was really impressed with the quality but after 4 months for taking care of the shirts just as the care instructions say the print is coming off pretty bad. It's a real shame because I love the designs and I was really expecting them to last longer for the price.

Welcome to Hell - T-Shirt
Midnight Inc. (Warsaw, PL)
Nice T-Shirt

Great quality and great print,
came quickly

ASUKA - T-Shirt
Masokitty (Covington, US)
Love it!!

I absolutely love my Asuka shirt. The design is great and the shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable. This is the second shirt I've bought from Iced Tea Aesthetics and it won't be the last.

Message to God - T-Shirt
Pedro Chinelato (Virginia Beach, US)
Quality of the tee

I really loved the design for each piece of clothing from Iced Tea Aesthetics, however, when my Message To God T-shirt and other two t-shirts which size is L arrived, I was expecting them to be larger. This is not a huge deal, because this is also my fault. I decided to use Message To God T-shirt first and on the very first day I decided to put into the laundry after I used to the the quality of the T-shirt, however, when the T-shirt was dry I noticed that the shirt was significantly smaller. Probably now instead of being a L T-shirt is a S one. I repeat, I really loved the shirt, but at the same time I am sad because does not fit me anymore and I do not know if I can return the other two T-shirts to change the size.

Diego Santiago (Cleveland, US)
My new favorite shirt

Ordered this oxblood shirt chainsaw man to work out in and its comfortable and good print I need more oxblood black shirts love this color!

MAKIMA (Hunter) - T-Shirt
DJ (Jacksonville, US)

Fits wonderful and its now my favorite shirt

Sukuna - T-Shirt
Winston (London, GB)
Very pleased

Ordered 2 shirts in large (I'm a 40-42" chest) and they both fit well not snug but not too loose either. Fabric feels good and the print is great quality as well.

Sakura Super-Visual - T-Shirt
Shaun (Sheffield, GB)
LOVE these Tees

Ordering from the UK, I was a little nervous about sizing and about the delivery. I received my Tees within a short space of time and I have to say, these are some of the most comfortable, soft, quality tees I have ever had. Love the designs, the size is spot on - I'm and xl and it fit perfectly. Will definitely buy again ❤️

Welcome to Hell - Sweater
Vincent (San Jose, US)
Great quality of design and sweater

The design looks amazing, worth every penny. Sometimes you buy a sweater and it looks nothing like it or it feels cheap but not this sweater, it’s quality.

Alexis (Cape Coral, US)

This is more a review for their customer service. The shirt itself is excellent! I have quite a few ice tea aesthetic shirts in my wardrobe that I wear regularly and I find their shirts to be very high quantity, comfortable and the print quality to be excellent. I had asked for a design that I saw was no longer listed on the online store front, but had remembered seeing it and was kicking myself for not ordering it then. So I reached out and just asked if older designs where an option upon request, figuring the they probably just don’t make it anymore, but to my surprise they worked with me to find the design I was describing and worked with me to fulfill my order! The customer service just like their product was excellent! I am super happy with my shirt! I love the design and the fit and feel is super comfortable! I usually order a small but I ordered this shirt in medium, as I wanted a slightly more over sized fit and it’s perfect! They were very accommodating and attentive to work with me and fulfill what I was looking for and I can’t say enough positive things about my experience! Thank you for working with me to get this shirt! I love it!

Thank you so much Alexis!

Reiner (REDEMPTION) - T-Shirt
Domonic Laplante (Saskatoon, CA)
Top Tier AOT Merch

Comfortable material and sleek design. Fits well and washes easy. People don’t even have to know what the show is and it’s still a good shirt. Paired with the Eren FREEDOM shirt with a friend as a duo enhances the entire outfit.

Heart Ablaze - Hoodie
Ilze Goldsmite Rasnaca (Riga, LV)

my son loves it

Beautiful - Sweater
M.L. (Budapest, HU)

The design looks just like on the picture, its very comfortable and it has a good material.

POWER (Blood Devil) - Sweater
Riccardo (Cagliari, IT)
Pro & Cons of POWER Sweater(White)

I start saying that the art is amazing, so keep going this way. The sweater is also very comfy and keeps enough warm. The only things I want to report is that even without already washing it, it still developed some fabric dots and when it arrived, I saw some fabric threads too. If I can say something for the black, i really wanted to a little more black, if you know what I mean. Otherwise I am really satisfied of this sweater ⁠●⁠ᴥ⁠●⁠V. You can find the photos I took here:

New favorite shirt

Ordered three shirts from here and the shirts arrived different times in two packages, which is my only complaint.

The shirts itself were comfy to wear and the size was just right. The Prints on shirts were also just as good if not better in person.
It's really hard to find Bersek themed clothing, especially here in europe, so finding some felt really like godsend. Recommend and will order again in the future.

Eren (FREEDOM) - T-Shirt
Giorgos Katsoulis (Athens, GR)
Amazing quality!!

Came way faster than expected. The quality of both the stamp and the shirt is top notch. Looking forward to buying more soon.

Evangelion (PREY) - Sweater
Konnor Pollzzie (Austin, US)
Very pleased with the PREY sweater

I honestly didnt know what to expect from a website I found on Instagram, but damn did they deliver beyond expectations. I'm very happy with my purchase and have received a lot of compliments on the shirt

M.A. (Doha, QA)
Sweet shirt!

The shirt material is soft, it feels good and the image is crystal clear. Definitely recommend!

Evangelion (PREY) - T-Shirt
Noah Teague (Dongjak-gu, KR)
Evangelion (PREY) - Noah Teague

Beyond satisfied with my order, the shirt was very soft, great fit, and an absolutely awesome pump cover for the gym! Will definitely be buying more!

LIAR (うそつき) - T-Shirt
Spencer Mowle (Sydney, AU)
Awesome designs

Designs are awesome, thanks so much

Andrea Andrea (Rome, IT)
great, would recommend

good material both of the shirt and the print

Solid purchase

It looks so good! I Bought the black originally, but I want the white one now too.

MIKASA - T-Shirt
Jaymian Altares (Calgary, CA)
11/10 Shirt

The art and fit of the shirt is amazing! Definitely worth a buy

Eren (FREEDOM) - Sweater
Traey Hope (Auckland, NZ)
Eren Jaeger says "FREEDOM"

I'm so lucky the sweater arrived the day before I flew out for my holiday so I was able to wear it to the airport and on the plane. Super comfy, the material is great quality, and I absolutely love flexing this sweater when I'm out cus if you know, you know ;)

MIKASA - T-Shirt
Riccardo Du Piesanie (Secunda, ZA)

Absolutely love it. The detail isn't justified in the pictures, it looks even better in real life. Absolutely would order again