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A Brief History Of Kaiju

A casual dive into the world of Kaiju - the beasts and monsters in Japanese Anime.

Top 5 Underrated Pixel Art Games

Beautiful pixel art games that you must try... if you haven't already.

Iced Tea Video Competition - GIVEAWAY!!

Hello there. We have exciting news for you. At Iced Tea Aesthetics, we beli...

Iced Tea... New Logo... 😳

Iced Tea... New Logo... 😳😳😳😳😳😳 Yep, we're growing fast and our brand identi...

Fellas, Is It Okay To Not Feel Aesthetic Sometimes?

Don't worry about the goddamn aesthetic. We got your back on that one. You just have to concentrate on feeling healthier.

Our Top 5 Synthwave Tracks

We also are a huge fan of aesthetic music. What do you think we listen to when we're preparing your epic anime streetwear apparel? ;)

Helios Says YES to Aesthetic Anime Streetwear

Helios talks about the changing fashion trends and why he feels aesthetic anime streetwear is the future in fashion!