About us, FAQ, COVID Updates

COVID-19 Update


As we are all aware, COVID-19 has restricted travel in many places of the world, this also applies to a lot of cargo and delivery vehicles too.
In the face of these restrictions, shipping companies now have to bid higher for space on cargo vehicles, this means that there is less shipping and more pricing for people like us.

Production and Printing

At Iced Tea, we print shirts and hoodies to order, we do not hold stock. Unfortunately, we do hold stock of blank T-Shirts and Hoodies in all sorts of colors and sizes.

We have two main facilities (EU, USA) and two smaller ones (Australia, Canada). Keeping these facilities stocked up with blank clothing and ink to print on has been very difficult because our main suppliers closed down due to lock-down in the US.

We have since been using substitute suppliers at a higher cost to us, without raising the prices for you, our customer.

In Short

Many of your orders are delayed either by shipping companies, countries restricting entry/slowing down cargo entry, or by us struggling to keep things going at full speed with current restrictions in place.

Please be patient and expect delays in between 0-15 days for most orders.

And remember, always feel free to get in touch with us over email, or social media :)

How did you start?

An Idea that started from a room while procrastinating for our Uni exams. It's a bit complicated from there, but here we are, listening to smooth chill and printing pixel art :)

Your shopping experience is sacred to us, for any questions please email us at info@icedtea-aesthetics.com

Our shirts are designed in Australia and we have little facilities world wide that makes sure you get your orders quickly for less, we personally oversee every single product we send out.

Once you place an order, it will take us 2-4 days to print and prepare your clothing, this can be higher depending on the size of the order.

Once we finish printing and drying your order we will ship it out to your address, most of our clothing is printed in the US, with a small secondary facility in Germany. 
The table below gives you a good estimate on our shipping times. (This is before COVID-19, please add an extra 0-15 days extra)

Country Shipping Time (Add 2-4 days for us to make your order)
USA 3-9 days
Canada 4-14 days
Germany 3-20 days
UK 5-20 days
Other EU 9-25 days
Australia 12-25 days
South America 15-30 days

Sometimes when we aren't too busy we can get your goods printed and sent out the next day. 
During peak seasons we will understandably run into delays and overtime work, almost all of our orders will come with tracking.

We print our products on demand, so when you buy from us, we get the garment ready, cure it, print on it and let it dry out before posting.

Any order that does not fit our promise of quality will be readily replaced, refunded or exchanged. 
We are very flexible with our customer service, and pride ourselves on providing you with a sacred shopping experience. 

Grab your Aesthetic Apparel with full relaxation and piece of mind.

Who makes the designs:
Our designs are home made and exclusive to Iced Tea. The design files are all 4K quality, looking smooth, crisp and aesthetically pleasing.

We also have independent artists collaborating with us. You can find them in our catalog and in our collections page.

As of December 2019, we have 14 artists working with Iced Tea!
As artists ourselves we love the idea of helping fellow artists, if you think your artwork fits into our store be sure to email us, or message us on any of our social media platforms.

The garments:
You will love our Bella+Canvas and Next Level T shirts with quality assurance and eco friendly sourcing. 100% ring spun and combed soft cotton makes you want to never take it off.

We have a mixture of hoodies available. With varying fiber content depending on color and size. Similarly to our T-Shirts, our hoodies are eco friendly and responsibly sourced.

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