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A Guide To Cyberpunk

A Guide To Cyberpunk

The world of Cyberpunk isn’t new, in fact this concept dates back almost 50-60 years when futuristic dystopian worlds collided with the notions of low standards of living in society.


Cyyyyyberpunk. It’s not just a game, and it’s no, it’s definitely not just futuristic. It’s a whole subgenre of science fiction. Cyberpunk 2077 was released today, December 10th. But it’s been alive for a very long time. Let’s dive into this world of absolution and enlighten ourselves. In honor of the game’s release today, we’d like to expand more on this genre’s life.


It’s somewhere near the end of the 21st century. You’re cybernetically enhanced, you can customize parts of your body and be whoever you want to be, as long as you have the dough. Yet, you’re in a black hole of your own past, dark, helpless and tired of running away from your issues. You’re sitting on a couch, watching some news on a high tech viewing device while drinking a fluorescent liquid that can bring your half human, half cyborg body down to the levels of tipsiness. You are thinking. About life. About death. Should you end it? Or should you reset your brain and live pain and guilt free? You get up and look out of the window, only to see the sentinels beat a guy who once sold you some synthesized mind stabilizers, to his death.


One of the greatest examples of Cyberpunk in film are works of art like Blade Runner and the Matrix trilogy. They solidified the genre in our brains and created a brand new aesthetic.

This genre has also been explored heavily in Anime, and Japanese manga.


A list of the most famous and groundbreaking Cyberpunk films in Japanese culture include Akira, Battle Angel Alita, Texhnolyze, Ghost in the Shell… and so on. The very combination of high end futuristic technology consisting of sentient AI, New World Orders, cybernetic enhancements, gene modification and social disparity, a dystopian society, rampage fueled inhabitants and a very dark take on life are some of the key components of this genre.


Coming to the fashion of course, it has a very distinct style – a revolutionary mix between gothic fashion and pure metal. And no, not the music. Actual metal. It involves trenchcoats, boots, black clothing, neon tinted threads, colored dreads/wigs and very gaudy and shiny jackets.

While you’re here browsing some Cyberpunk aesthetic, why not check out our exclusive dark anime aesthetic collection? Good. Now, you’re ready to take on this world, Samurai. See you in Night City.

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