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The History of Iced Tea Aesthetics

History of Iced Tea Aesthetics

It’s time for a history lesson, folks! Only this time, it’s gonna be ✨ aesthetic ✨ as heck! How much do you know about your favourite online clothing brand? (us, hehe)

Well, the story’s not so long but its super interesting. Don’t believe me? Alright then! Let’s jump wayyyyy back to 2018. 2018 was around 40 years ago, before the ongoing war, the cruel pandemic, and when Prince Philip was still alive.

Iced Tea Aesthetics Old Logo

In a humble room in Melbourne, Australia, a man (although half-drunk) had the brilliant idea to bring the fashion of Anime streetwear and Japanese aesthetic apparel to everyone; only if 3 conditions were met! It was as if Helios himself was talking through this man:

  1. The clothing would always include the artwork of amazingly talented artists, designers and creators who were never that famous, nor that rich. Just an average person, but exceptionally gifted. The people, who created art because of their passion, love and respect for art.
  2. The clothing line would only strive for quality, and never produce crap
  3. The clothing line would be made affordable to one and all! Lovers of anime and manga, casual enjoyers of the genre and art itself and even the people who just wanted a cosy sweater to crawl up in!

And with that, this man kept his beer down and procrastinated about his university exams for a while and fell asleep – unknown to him that in just a few years, his dream would very much become a reality.

Iced Tea Aesthetics New Logo

Enough messing around though, it was a long journey from a small room in Melbourne to a worldwide and international phenomenon, that is Iced Tea Aesthetics (that’s our plan in the next few years 😎)

Alex, our founder and CEO was the man behind Iced Tea X! Funnily enough, this company almost went bankrupt when he ran out of money and almost stopped chasing this dream of his. But then like every Anime protagonist, he got up with newfound determination and started again! From there to here in a matter of 4 years is an extraordinary feat, one we all appreciate at ITA. And without your love, support and all of your feedback over the years kept him and all of us working at ITA kept us alive.

Alexander Ally Iced Tea Aesthetics Founder and CEO

For that, we sincerely thank you! Today, we have warehouses all across the world that print, ship, pack and process your orders so you can have the best Anime streetwear online. Our company may be fairly new and we all might still be pretty young, but one thing’s for sure! The quality of our products and the creativity of our artists will stay consistent, forever. Absolutely top-notch!


Now we asked Alex a few questions so that you could know more about Iced Tea X.

Q. How did you get into this and how did you create Iced Tea Aesthetics?

A. "Alright, so I started making designs for mousepads when I was 15 and in high school, somewhere between 2014 and 2015. The first designs were for the doge meme, and it was basically a mousepad with doge on it and a text in comic sans saying "much scroll, very click" etc. It sold instantly and I realized I can make some neat pocket money. A few years later I started making some basic vaporwave designs and thought of making a logo and brand for it. This was in between 2018 and late 2019. It was very slow and I ran into a lot of trouble printing the clothes myself. And that’s how I started Iced Tea Aesthetics.”

Q. What were some of the challenges you faced when you started Iced Tea Aesthetics?

A. “Haha, that is a good one – almost every single thing was a challenge as we started from scratch, and had no real experience in selling clothing apparel online, only some basic mousepads and some phone cases that I had custom made. I had to experiment with Photoshop and although I used it to make memes it was a different ball game making designs that actually look good, for a company. Printing our own clothes was an even harder challenge. Managing social media, taking care of deliveries... It really starts stacking up, you get the jist. We even gave up at one point! We had a crappy heat press that on a few occasions would set our shirts to fire and short-circuit the electricity of our neighbours’ house. We still face challenges to this day, but isn’t that what running a company is like?”

Q. What are some values of Iced Tea Aesthetics?

A. “We firmly believe in the ability to use creativity. A lot of artists are especially skilled and they are more than capable of putting their beautiful works on a nice silky smooth shirt. There is so much potential in artworks drawn up by small independent artists in every corner of the globe. No matter how many followers or clout they may/may not have. I am the son of an immigrant family in Australia and my childhood although great, had less than my neighbours. I started making my first pocket change through creativity and art when I was 14. I want to provide this window of opportunity to the huge number of artists out there that could be in the same spot as me when I was younger. This is the core of Iced Tea.”

Q. And finally, when is it giveaway time?!

A. “Glad that you asked! Since the last month or two, we have decided to do monthly giveaways for all our followers and customers! If you wanna be a part of it, make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter or follow our Instagram account!”

Have you checked out our latest collection yet btw?

The answer is HERE ;)


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