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Halloween Giveaway Competition

Well it's already spooky season isn’t it. If this year’s events so far weren’t enough of a horror or if you aren’t already scared or feeling an eerie helplessness regarding our collective future, then it's time to get SPOOKY!

Alright! What’s the plan? Glad you asked.

A Giveaway… 

That’s also a competition…

And everyone that enters, gets a free T-Shirt on their next order…

Sounds good so far? Okay watch this.

Not only do all participants that enter get a Free T-Shirt on their next order, there will also be 3 Winners.

1st Place gets $250 worth of Iced Tea A E S T H E T I C. 
2nd Place gets $125 worth and 3rd place gets $75 worth. 

Sounds Spooky? Yeah I know it doesn’t, but it’s halloween and a good excuse to run a giveaway.

Here are the details. What to do, how to enter. And How to WIN.

Step 1 - Make a video of yourself, or someone wearing Iced Tea Aesthetics. It can be any piece of clothing. Video should be 10+ seconds long. Go wild, go batshit insane. That’s what we want. 

Step 2 - Upload the video on Instagram or Tiktok or both if you are serious.
Make sure you Tag us!
Instagram: @iced_tea_x
TikTok: @icedteaaesthetics
And make sure you use this hashtag in the video #iceygiveaway

Step 3 - Wait until the 1st of November. That is when we will choose a winner and give everyone codes to get their free T-Shirt on their next order.

Tips to win:
Make the clothing visible, make the edits clean. Unboxing and review videos are acceptable.
You can wear the clothes and fight with your neighbor. You can wear your clothes and go buy cheese from the market. You can commit murder and if you’re wearing our stuff and it looks cool, you’ll probably win*

Notes and Terms.
Standard common sense rules apply.
Video’s should be of a reasonable quality.
You can enter once per account (we won’t count brand new accounts with no followers). And we won’t count a video more than once. (So you can’t post it on multiple accounts, that's not fair).
*I’m joking, please don’t do that. 

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