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Christmas in Japan....

Christmas in Japan....

🎶 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...🎶 It really is! It's almost that time of the year again, and we hope you've been good, cuz boy oh boy, do we got some treats for ya this festive season! (P.S. we do not discriminate so if you've been naughty that's fine too, maybe your shipment gets delayed by a day or two but that's about it lol)

A little more than 2 weeks remain for D-Day and the celebrations have started. Let's visit Japan in this week's blog and find out how they celebrate Christmas!

While it's not an official holiday in Japan and only 1% of the population is actually Christian, they really do go out with the partying!

Christmas in Japan








Here's some cool facts about the Japanese Christmas celebrations!

Their way celebration is the exact opposite of how the west does it - it's basically just a way to party with your friends like crazy and have fun with your partner. 

Christmas Eve is like Japan's Valentine's Day. It is considered one of the most romantic days and couples go out together, do cute things and so on. If you're single like all of us at Iced Tea, then you don't wanna be seen in Japan on the 24th of this month. It's a big L.

There's KFC! It's weird, but it is a big part of their celebration! KFC in Japan has epic Christmas deals and is a part of their celebration meal in the form of party buckets. That just made me hungry, wtf.

KFC Japan in Christmas

There's traditional Japanese songs sung during this season (more like a Christmas Karaoke) and it is wholesome! There's also Christmas cake! It's called "kurisumasu keki" and is sold almost everywhere during this time.

Christmas Carols

Apart from that, there's just the regular - Christmas markets, Japanese ornaments and decorations, the feeling of being loved and pure wholesomeness!

We sincerely hope you have the best Christmas, wherever you are, with whoever makes you happy. Merry Christmas (in advance!). Keep an eye out on some RAD discounts and offers coming your way this Christmas!


Iced Tea X.

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